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Retaining Wall by Jarrod's Lawn and Landscaping

What our Clients Say

Idea man with an eye for detail

My wife and I don’t have a lot of vision when it comes to landscaping. But, we know what we like and what we don’t like. Enter Jarrod’s Landscaping. Jarrod surveyed our bare, but for grass, backyard, asked us a few key questions, made recommendations, came back with a plan and a drawing and got to work. Through the use of river rock, flagstone, chop stone, granite, palms, desert style foliage and wrought iron fencing, our bare backyard was transformed into a private paradise. Jarrod is an idea man with an eye for detail. We threw him a few curves during the process and he fielded them perfectly. His crew is professional, friendly and was always on time. Whether the vision is yours, or Jarrod’s, I can assure you that you will be satisfied with Jarrod’s Landscaping.

G Gibbons

Retaining Wall and Drainage

"Jarrod is a true professional and a man of his word. His hardworking crew was efficient, polite and skilled. From the bid to the follow-up call, Jarrod went above and beyond my expectations at a fair price. They did a great job for us building a retaining wall in our back yard, installing a French drain from our front yard to the back yard. Jarrod was always concerned with our vision. Once they started (even in 30° weather) they worked every day until job was completed to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of yard job you may have. Thank you Jarrod!"

Paul Merchant

Landscape Make-over

"My wife and I recently had Jarrod totally redo our flowerbeds and correct my landscaping mistakes. Jarrod initially met with my wife and I and evaluated our current flowerbeds. Jarrod was very knowledgeable and described what needed to be done to bring the soil to perfection and what and where to plant considering weather conditions throughout the year. I had never correctly prepared the flower bed's soil. Jarrod had to take out several inches of red clay and reintroduce soil and compost. Jarrod then chose what plants and where to plant those plants. One word can describe Jarrod and his crew; "CLEAN". You would think that this would be an extremely messing project and dirt would be everywhere. There was not a bit of dirt on my lawn. Jarrod and his crew also hand to dig by hand 6 drains to drain the gutter down spouts out of my flowerbeds. They did a great job and again, "CLEAN". We were really impressed with the quality of work and his expertise. We will highly recommend Jarrod to anyone and plan on using him again in the near future to complete another project."

R. Tekell Bullard

Fire Pit

"What can I say? We love our fire pit / patio! We will enjoy entertaining with it for many years to come, not to mention the increase in our property value. This addition has taken our yard...virtually a wasted space....and turned it into a great place to hang out and spend time with friends and family. You and your crew showed nothing but professionalism and expert skill. There was also great consideration taken to not damage our existing structures, lawn, or young trees when it came to bringing in your equipment. And the construction time!!! Less than two days! What a turnaround time. We shopped landscapers before we hired you....I was assured by others that it would only take four days. Ha! You and your crew were very efficient with your time. You gave us the most reasonable price too! We will recommend you to anyone and will be calling you back for future projects!"

Shelley Anderson, Tyler


"Just wanted to share my positive experience with Jarrod and his crew.  I had no previous experience with Jarrod's Landscaping, but chose Jarrod to handle my backyard project because of his fair price and creative ideas.  As soon as the project got started I felt very comfortable with my decision as Jarrod was so accommodating, going so far as allowing me to "shop" for plants with him.  He made it very clear to me that his primary objective was to make me completely satisfied.  As the backyard project progressed, I was pleased to the point that I asked Jarrod to go ahead and transform my front yard as well that day!  Again, his ideas and artistic approach were so impressive, and I am positive that my money went farther with Jarrod as opposed to competition that I had already had a bid on.  Jarrod, thanks so much for the work put forth and your commitment to my satisfaction.  We are so pleased with the results."

D Dubois, Tyler


"My Wife, Vicki, and I decided to cut down two very large live oak trees in our front yard that were causing problems with our yard, grass, sewer line and gutters.  After the trees were cut down, and much stump grinding, we were ready to have the yard landscaped and the sprinkler system repaired.  Several contractors submitted bids for the work.  I awarded the bid to Jarrod because his bid was on the low end, and I knew he did excellent work, having down work for me before.  Jarrod's crew started the job as soon as the centipede sod arrived.  They completed the job in one day. I will call on Jarrod again for any landscape work for the following reasons: Competitive bid, quality and timely work, excellent cleanup after the work is completed, and follow-up after the job to ensure complete satisfaction."

J Piper, Tyler


"Our backyard project was partially completed when I called Jarrod.  We were very particular with how we wanted the work done, and Jarrod came with some great ideas.  He gave us a bid, and was able to do a great job with less than the bid amount.  I will be calling Jarrod again for future projects without hesitation."

A Watters, Tyler

Landscaping & Lighting

"Jarrod's Landscaping totally surpassed our expectations. This attention to detail, professionalism, and personal availability have made us loyal customers. We couldn't be happier with the beautiful landscaping and lighting that he, and his hard working staff, have done for us. Thanks Jarrod - for the great improvements, for the curb appeal, and for increasing the value of our home!"

The Bensons, Tyler

Dog-proof Backyard

"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the work done on my backyard. As I have several large dogs, my backyard had become quite a problem. I asked for help with a design that would both help dog-proof as well as be attractive. The design you created gave me exactly the results I asked for, and (as with all the work you do for me) the finished product is very beautiful and the work done impeccably. I am so looking forward to working with you as we go forward into the next phases of renovation. Thanks so much!"

K. Zimmerman Negahban, Tyler

Drainage System

"Jarrod and his crew did a great job on leveling and installing a new catch box and drain in a low area of my yard.  They were neat and detailed.  I would use them again."

The Woods, Tyler

Patio with Flagstones

"Jarrod's Landscaping exceeded our expectations when he extended our patio with flagstones.  The area he worked with was difficult and complex, since it had many different pitches and angles.  Thanks for a job well done."

R. Neptune, Tyler

A Woman's Prerogative

"Jarrod's team did a great job for us building a retaining wall in our back yard. What previously had been an unusable steep hill that I was even afraid to walk down is now a level area that we will plant grass on this spring. The wall itself was made out of split face concrete and is truly beautiful. Jarrod went out of his way to guide me in the decision making process. His patience was phenomenal because I did change my mind a few (maybe quite a few?) times--a woman's prerogative!--and he just went with the flow. He said over and over--"I want to make it just like you want it". And he did! I highly recommend him for any landscaping and/or yard work. Thanks again to Jarrod and his master brick layers!"

Stephanie Eijsink, MD

Thanks for the great job

"Once again, thanks for the great job! What’s to like about Jarrod’s Lawn and Landscape? EVERYTHING! Jarrod is a true professional and a man of his word. His hardworking crew was efficient, polite and skilled. From the bid to the follow-up call, Jarrod went above and beyond my expectations at a fair price. What more could anyone ask for?"

Terri Bowen

Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit

"Jarrod took a small, unused portion of our backyard and transformed it into a haven our whole family will enjoy for years. In fact, the house might crumble to the ground while the outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and seat wall constructed by Jarrod will still be standing two centuries from now. He and his crew were professional, prompt and worked 11-12 hour days to complete the task as desired without complaint. One of my greatest compliments of Jarrod is that he actually answers phone calls and responds THE SAME DAY (remarkable in this day and age). He took our ideas and made them a reality; the outcome is lovely and we are thrilled with the results."

K. King, Tyler


"Thank you for a job done well and quicly. Our parents are extremely pleased with all you have done! I know you made them happy during a difficult time and this area will give them untold hours of enjoyment - more than you can imagine."

K. McCreedy, Tyler


"I highly recommend Jarrod for any, and all, landscaping jobs.  He did everything exactly as I requested, and more, and did it well.  I received a call from Jarrod a few days after the job was completed, to make sure that everything was as I wanted it to be."

N. Helmer, Tyler


"We called on Jarrod's Lawn and Landscaping to help us after being disappointed by the hurried and uncaring work of several other local landscapers.  Jarrod responded quickly, had good ideas for our landscaping difficulties, and his hard working crew completed our job very responsibly. Jarrod is very personable and his work is of very good quality.  We highly recommend Jarrod's Lawn and Landscaping."

The Irelands, Tyler


"When we moved to Tyler, we were looking for someone who was not only a lawn service but also a garden designer. In speaking with Jarrod, we discovered he was what we wanted. He transformed a lifeless backyard into garden beds of beauty with mixtures of high and low growing plants and shrubs to add dimension. He listened to my likes and needs and rejuvenated the front beds into the garden I wanted. Along the way he added lighting design which became the envy of the block. Mary Ann's garden of bells and maidens showcases roses. It is a peaceful garden where we often sit and read or simply listen to nature. Jarrod has a talent for landscaping design and upkeep. He is attentive to his clients and a pleasure to work with."

M. Bentley, Tyler

Landscape Maintenance

"Jarrod's crew has been taking care of my flower beds for a while now, and I am always so excited to come home and see how perfect everything looks. He is very conscientious and his guys are the hardest working guys I've ever seen. The plants and materials he uses are always healthy and top quality. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family."

C. Scarbrough, Tyler

Drainage System

"I normally call companies to complain, but Jarrod did a such a good job installing a french drain for me that I'm calling to thank you for a job well done. I noticed that everything was cleaned-up and that nothing was out of place."

P. Anderson, Tyler


"Jarrod worked very hard to produce my design concept. His suggestions enhanced and refined my ideas, resulting in creating a fabulous patio and remarkable brick entry steps that I continue to enjoy daily. All my various projects proceeded smoothly due to the extensive expertise of Jarrod and his skilled crew. It was a pleasure to work with Jarrod and I certainly recommend him to anyone."

M Schmidt, Tyler

Retaining Wall

"It just so happens that in "Life" we call alot of people for work to be done around the house!! Be it electricians, painters, landscapers, housekeepers, phone service, or whatever it may be. But this call was the best call I made in a long time. Jarrod's Landscaping answered with a friendly voice, and made a prompt appointment to see us. Never late, always on time. Jarrod gave very fair estimates for quality work. We had landscaping done first. Then decided to install a 120 ft long retaining wall, that turned out beautiful. Jarrod's work is clean, he is dependable, and has a great sense of humor. I would never choose anyone else to work our properties. We made a great choice."

The Coopers, Tyler